Mike graduated with honors from San Diego State University in 2008 with bachelor's degrees in Computer Science and Japanese, and again in 2016 from the same university with a master's degree in Computer Science. His master's thesis project was a person following robot built from a Segway RMP and custom wide angle stereoscopic imaging rig. The robot's software was written in C++/CUDA and made heavy use of histogram of oriented gradients, Hough-circle transforms, fuzzy logic, and other computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques to detect and identify humans.

Mike currently works as a software engineer at San Diego State University Research Foundation - a position he has held for the past 10 years. His primary duties include mobile and web application development, network security and server administration. Outside of work, Mike continues to enjoy exploring new technologies and writing software as a hobby, producing apps such as the popular Glitcher VR augmented reality app for the Google Cardboard.
Email Contact: contact at tomobiki dot net